Turd Is Not Happy, Jan

The Jake

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Jan 2, 2002
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Being the complete post wh0r3 that I am, imaging my disgust at seeing my post count drop by 2500, reduced to a mere purple belt.... not a good start to the day.... dammit....

BUT that I can deal with.

But losing my brilliant Joker AV... not so good.

WELL world, prepare to reap the whirlwind. Coz soon I'm coming back with a very mean looking Burt Reynolds....

I think I better change my name back. The timing of my joke was just wrong...

- The Jake (aka. Turd Ferguson, BigDaddyPimp J)
hahaha i was wondering who the hell turd ferguson was. nice name jake.

enough joking around. We are having a hard time getting used to the new forum, figuring out new avatars. Now we have to figure out who is who also if people start using new names? This is too much...:eek:
Originally posted by Turd Ferguson
Being the complete post wh0r3 that I am, imaging my disgust at seeing my post count drop by 2500, reduced to a mere purple belt....

Hopefully we have some birthdays coming up so I can add to my cheap post count.

BTW, stick with "THE JAKE" dammit! :mad:
Ah, the shame.....The once mighty Fat Bobby reduced to a mere white belt....
I spoke to Tanner - they don't know how to rename my profile.

So it looks like the Great One is going to be stuck with the name TURD FERGUSON for some time :( :( :( :(

- The Jake
Stuck with turd! HAHAHAHAHA!!

But more importantly, I don't see the plan here anywhere.....
I told you not to keep changing your name, lol that's what you get. HAHHAHHHAHAHAHAHHAHAhahahahaaaa :D
LOL, I know it was the Koala who did it, told u them things are evil!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
Turd, I like that name....hahaha

Do u know if the post-count goes back up, or if we start from where we are now?

'Not happy , Jan' I don't think many of these yanks will understand that one!! :D
"Not happy Jan" is now a part of Australian modern culture. It will only be a matter of time before our American friends start saying it. Just like "throw another shrimp on the barbie"
Turd Ferguson...kinda has a nice ring to it.lol
The Ultimate Plan thread is up. Post away!!!

Astro - only you can truly appreciate Turd for the legend that he is.... champion.... absolute champion....

- The Jake
You gotta see the Saturday Night Live skit involving Sean Connery, Burt Reynolds and French Stewart to know what I'm on about.....

- The Jake
I know the one, saw it a couple of years ago on Austar. The Sean Connery imitation is great, especially how pissed off he gets with the host of the show when he wont let him use sabre as an 's' word!
Yea i luv that skit..the way Sean Connery is always fuckin with Alex Trebec is classic
Trebek: "And the topic is... oh come on, why would they do this?? The category is FAMOUS MOTHERS!"

- The Jake
I'm real real bored....

so bored in fact i went to the last page and just decided to post this here to get it back to the top of the board.......