TRX Suspension Trainer

I just bought the Jungle Gym II which is essentially the same thing but 1/2 the price (can you say bootleg?). I'm playing with it now. It's fucking awesome for circuit training. Try the iron cross, it's badass.

It's very portable. Great for when you travel a lot.

It's also great for rehab. I'm actually thinking of bringing it to work on Tuesday.

There's a shitload of videos on youtube. There's even an atomic pushup challenge that some dude did. which I think I can beat.

Can you take a picture of your set-up and make me feel bad for spending another 40 bucks on mine?:D
I take my Olympic Rings or my Universal Strength Apparatus over TRX any day.
I made a thread about a home-made version but i cant seem to find it. Cost me 10% of the price of a TRX and you can do a LOT of the same stuff.

Great principle though.
USA looks pretty cool. Can you pack that thing in your suitcase? If I had a home gym, I'll definitely buy one.

It takes about as much space as the head of lettuce. Every time I hang it in the park and use it, I get huge crouds around me. lol
I don`t need that to allow me to workout. I can workout with my own BW and it costs 0$!
One of the gyms I train at has a homemade version of that. I like it.
pretty much anything you can do on the TRX, you can do with a set of rings and straps...I've got both but find I use the rings more often, the rings were cheap ($45) so I can just take them anywhere and everywhere
God forbid anybody here just lift some fucking weights...