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Dec 20, 2001
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If you could list your favorite companies to buy online or store front.

I was looking to start taking creatin again and read Creapure was one of the best. I saw it was offered at If anyone has any feedback on that place I would appreciate it.

I also trust GNC to have good products, though they are usually not the best priced option. Their multivitamins are exceptionally good, IMO.
i use optimum for protein & now for creatine mono. has a nice online store for tons of different companies and different supplements.,,, (for your online custom and general supplementation needs)...

GNC (for your brick and mortar needs... you'd be best off going to a franchise location)...

Some mass market brands I like but don't necessarily buy at the moment -- since I've been on primarily custom kick as of late: Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Cytosport, Heaven Sent, NSI, Controlled Labs, Greens+ Im biased though. They are 150 miles from my house so if I order by 5 I get my stuff the next day. The prices are great also. Also use nutraplanet sometimes when they have a sale.
Thanks Fellas that gives me a heads up in the righ direction.
optimum (aka optimum nutrition), NOW, controlled labs

I buy my supps from good prices, fast shipping, lots of different supplements