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Aug 30, 2004
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I am sure all you hard core MMA fighters out there have many tricks of the trade when it comes to gaining or cutting weight and so I put forward this thread to get some of your perspectives. I have basically weighed the same since I was 18 (now 32) and i have never fluctuated in weight. Worked in a warehouse during university moving everything from furniture, sacks of sugar and barrels of crud, got alot stronger but you would never guess judging by a scale. Even marraige, 2 kids and good dinner cooked at home haven't made an impact.

Since I am not a serious fighter and merely want to be fit and capable I looking for reasonable suggestions on weight gain. It is not like I have to face Hunt in 2 weeks and need some bulk.
good question, I've wondered the same thing with my weight training
Do you lift regularly? I'd start lifting doing like 5 exercises 10-12 reps, 3-4x sets of a muscle group, followed by a protein shake. Then get plenty of rest and you should bulk up a bit in time. If that doesn't work try some healthy supplements in addition to your protein shake.
me too, I'm getting back into lifting so I need to put on weight. I've been eating alot of pasta bread ,eggs. Stuff like that, it kinda works, I guess you just have to be really serious.
If you're healthy why do you want to change? Putting on weight isn't really good for you. Even excess muscle is more bulk for your heart to pump blood through. Larger men tend to die earlier, so not having excessive bulk is not really a bad thing. Just concentrate on staying healthy and fit, who cares if you've got the body of Ahnold.
You'd probably get more responses in the Diet/Supplement forum. I personally have never had trouble bulking up since I hit 17. Just eat a lot of protein and drink a lot of milk.

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Eat man. You should be lifting weights 3x a week, heavy weight low reps. Eat alot of eggs, potatos, chicken, steak, beans. Read these forums every day for the next week and you should get a real good idea of what you need to do. Stay away from McDonalds and stuff like that, itll make you gain weight but not the kind you want. Eat 5-6 times a day. Or eat 4 times a day and drink 2 protein shakes. Weights and lots of food is the way to go man. Dont over do it though, take things slow or you might hurt yourself.
codysweet02 said:

or woman.

Cody's other tips are great, though; quite textbook in his approach.
I'd like to add some more suggestions:
Invest in some good protein powder and consume a shake immediately upon waking up and immediately after a workout.
Eating about an hour before working out is good, too.
Getting enough rest/sleep is important (so that your muscles repair themselves, and get bigger, as you tear them down during your workouts).
Lots of carbs, my friend; the good, slow-burning type.
One of the things about putting on weight is that it is very difficult to defy your genetics. It sounds as though you have a natural weight that is difficult for you to change. It all depends on what you want. If I were you I would not worry about weight as such as you are not bulking up to enter the UFC heavy weight ranks. I would be going for increasing your functional strength, endurance and cardio. All these are alot more usefull than simply bulking up.
Also I started drinking protein shakes as well training etc, and all I got was a spare tire. I then went on vacation for 2 weeks and ate and drank my way around the south island of New Zealand, did no training and my spare tire went took me a while to figure it out.

BTW, the south island of New Zealand was fantastic. Well worth a look.
Thanks for the tips guys, I am not trying to be Arnold but some self disipline seems like a good idea to me. For me the problem is also where I live. In Taiwan it is in the high 30's everyday and about 99% humidity, i sweat off whatever i may drink or eat. On top of that, one tends to shy away from heavy foods in such weather. It will start to cool off next month so maybe then I'll try again with some more focus on the diet.
Eat throughout the day. If you feel the heat is keeping the weight off of you just eat more often. Concentrate on getting a lot of protien in your diet and do be shy about eating the carbs either. When you lift try to go as heavy as possible without increasing your chance of getting injured. Remember the simplified way to gain weight is to take in more calories than you burn. Stick by that and you should gain weight.

Putting on weight is a simple science:

Eat as much as you can, then get stoned. The marijuana will lower your blood sugar, creating an artifical hunger. Then eat again. Do this after every meal, repeat if necessary.

This plan is guaranteed to put weight on!!

Good luck!
Yeah dude smoke alota pot, after you start coming down you should be starving, go have a munch..... carbs: potatoes, rice, pasta.
That's a bit of an extreme suggestion. Make sure you don't forget to drink too much, too. Your bound to gain weight. :(
JaKob said:
Yeah dude smoke alota pot, after you start coming down you should be starving, go have a munch..... carbs: potatoes, rice, pasta.

That just doesn't sound right, atheletes should stay away from drugs and drink as little alchohol as possible. Inhaling any kind of smoke is not good for your cardio.
Man, it's heard to gain weight in muscle. I've been trying for the last year but only gained 1 or 2 pounds. However, my strength increasted tremendously.

I worked out 2 times a week. 3 hours each
Run 7 miles 2 days a week.
Train 2 days a week. 4+ hours each

My diet consumes of mostly protein. Eat oeanut butter and such.
Unreal if you truly want to gain muscle, you will need to cut back on all of that cardio and add another weight training day. Thats a lot of cardio if your goal is to gain muscle. Remember that you are buring the calories that you need to gain weight with all of that cardio. It all really depends on what you want to acomplish. It sounds like you are in really good shape so if you don't mind slowly adding the muscle stick to that routine.
For the long run, it works a lot. Considering the fact that I have became extremely strong for my size. My goal is to become 170, not 150. But I dont want to gain fat and also, I want to keep my endurance and stamina.