Treating an Ankle Injury


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Sep 20, 2007
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So I was rolling around with this little guy who takes sparing way to seriously. I outweigh him by about 100lbs, so I was purposely staying on the bottom so I didn't have as much weight advantage, I was trying to practice some butterfly guard & work on some things I need work on . . . you know practicing. This guy just wanted to win. He wrapped up a foot, fell to the ground, turned it into a heel hook, and rolled as hard & fast as he could. I rolled with him one time & quickly tapped. He didn't hear me, wrenched it again, and I heard a loud pop in my ankle.

Not much swelling at all, but it feels just wrong. Like its not connected correctly. I gave it RICE (rest, ice, compression, & elevation) as soon as I got home. I was just wondering how best to spring back from this. Do I just continue to ice it, and if so for how long & how often? How do I know when it's safe to start rolling lightly again? Would that Tiger Balm stuff help with this? Any advice?

i have sprained my ankles so many times, so all i can tell you is (if it's not really bad) just keep icing and elevating it. ice it every couple hours for no longer than 30 mins at a time. wrap it when its not on ice.

can u walk on it?

oh and as for tiger balm, i use it all the time for sore muscles and joints. it doesnt heal anything, just helps with the pain
I can't walk on it well. I just sort of hobble around on it. I tweaked my other ankle just slightly last week, so now I got one sore & one injured. When I walk I look like an old dude looking for his walker. :(
RICE is a good start..
If you cant walk on it you might need to see a doctor

wraps, heat and a good old ice bucket are good too.
you really want to keep it cold and maybe some heat too
to increase the blood flow, there are very small bones in the foot and ankle
with poor circulation.

Usually the POP is a good indication of that you might need a few days off of it.

was th injury on the outside of the ankle or the inside?
and do you tape your ankles or wear wraps?
Swelling? bruised?

and think about a doctor, not a bunch of clowns like us on the internet
I can't walk on it well. I just sort of hobble around on it. I tweaked my other ankle just slightly last week, so now I got one sore & one injured. When I walk I look like an old dude looking for his walker. :(

if you cant walk on it, you should keep the weight off. use crutches, even. my ankles are made of toothpicks and i've had my fair share of bad sprains.

just keep icing and elevating it, keep the weight off, and you should be fine in a couple days. if not, it may be a break or fracture somewhere. have the doctor check it out.

like troy bouzakis asked, is it on the outside, inside, or both?
Like the guys above said use the R.I.C.E. method for a couple of days. Also take an anti-inflam. for any swelling. Sprains take a while to heal so take some rest.
Not much swelling, no bruising, it's on the outside of the foot, and it feels a bit better today. I still have an odd limp, but I can walk on it quite a bit better than yesterday.

I'll keep icing it. I didn't know that heat could help too. Should it use heat just as much as I do cold?
Cold after the initial injury, heat thereafter. Ibuprofin when needed (helps with both swelling and pain, and isn't as liver toxic as Tylenol). Also, keep it wrapped at night, and during the day is probably a good idea, too.
If it's not better soon get it checked out, heel hooks are terrible for causing serious injury to peoples ankles and knees, which is why most grappling tournaments will not allow you to do them. In most cases an injury comes before it's really painful where most submissions are the opposite. Heels hooks can rip tendons, and seperate muscle from bone very easily depending on the angle.
Yeah, heel hooks have always scared me. But my gym teaches them right along with arm-bars to white belts, so I guess this is what happens. People just need to learn to power through positions, but not power through submissions. You can go at each other at 110% in jujitsu, like you can in no other martial art, but when you lock up the submission, you have to slow down . . . let the guy tap. This guy explodes into heel hooks & knee bars, the same way he explodes to buck off the mount or scramble for top position.
Don't spar with the guy again, anyone who thinks you can "win" in sparring has no business in a gym. He's probably the type who is now telling eveyone how he beat a HW cause he's so good.
RICE is what you want, and make sure you keep it elevated and don't trya nd walk on it if it's stupidly painful.

I injured some ligaments in my ankle that were fine the day or 2 after, apart from the pain, by about 4/5 days on I had a few huge purple bits around the area and at the side of my ankle, and around the toe joints.

So don't take it too lightly is all I'm saying.