Travis Browne ''I Didn't Want Big Foot To Make A Name Off Me And He Did''

Yung Dilla

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Sep 5, 2010
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Lmao what?? delusional much?? Fedor >>>>>>>>>> all of brownes opponents combined...

i saw that. He certainly is a fan of himself.

Bigfoot's last three wins before Travis were Fedor, Mike Kyle, and Arlovski.
Interesting, I knew who Bigfoot was loooong before I even heard Brownes name.
Travis browne is annoying. He should fight roy nelson so he can get knocked out again.
Never liked this guy.

Dude says that Bigfoot's win was legit. Then goes on to saying that Bigfoot didn't do shit, how he beat himself and how he'd beat Bigfoot on his worst day.

Shuddup, son! Dude was so embarrassing with his "strikes" that I wanted to put a paper bag on my head cause even I was ashamed.

EDIT: I wanna see Browne vs JDS so JDS can knock shit straight outta his ass into the audience and then cut the mother.
Saw the video didn't make a thread, though that was ridiculous he was the one making a name out of Bigfoot if he would have won.
By make a name I guess he means haduken'd, Bigfoot has fought much better comp. and nobody asked him to do all dem fancy moves.
Hes not riding that loss to well. Oh well, hopefully he can mentally recover from losing to Bigfoot.
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Lol seriously Browne? It wasn't just that Bigfoot beat Fedor, it's the way he did it in such dominant fashion.
I'm not a big Fedor fan, but Browne must be fucking delusional if he thinks Bigfoot made his name by beating him instead of the win over Fedor.
Okay Browne is good but he'd lose to any top 5 guy (Cain/JDS/Reem/Cormier/Werdum)
I first noticed how much I disliked him after the Struve fight. So c0cky after that fight.
lmaooooo at all the replies in here so fast

Browne is someone who obviously doesn't deal with losing very well.
Is he for serious?!? Not really based in reality, I knew who Bigfoot was waaaaaaay before this guy. I hope they rematch and Silva smashes him again. Maybe Fedor can make a name for himself by coming out of retirement and fighting Browne