training once/week?


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Jul 15, 2005
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i train grappling 5x/week now and want to keep it that way but i plan on getting into some striking too i've pretty much decided on muay tai now

question is with the amount of time i have left i can train only once a week is this enough time to pick up on it assuming offcourse i drill everything i learn in class on my punching bag like how good can you actually get from that much training i know in bjj that wouldn't get you anywhere but striking is much easier to pick up on
I have the same problem. I'm thinking about taking up some striking classes but I'll only have time for once a week. I hope to get a pair of gloves so I can spar with some people at the gym in my free time also. Besides that it'll just be shadowboxing.
once a week is not a enough time and a waste, its all about repition and drilling those techniques into your muscle memory.
well i plan on drilling them on my own time its just i'd only be going to class once/week then i'd practice everything i learned during the week ... and if once a week is still not enough that way what about twice/week
If you're looking to compete with it, twice a week won't be enough. If its just for fun though, I don't see why not; just don't expect quick results and keep in mind that you won't be sparring at all on your own. So unless you go in for sparring days only, you're just going to be a padmaster.
It is tough to have limited time! I totally understand. I only do Sambo twice a week and each of those sessions are like an hour. Much of that time is also spent doing conditioning (and by that I mean tons of pushups, tons of up downs, tons of dips, etc, etc.

So the actual grappling time is limited. I rolled with a guy on Sunday who has been going to BJJ for around six months. I mean really getting into it (he is laid off right now so he has the time to train practically every day). He fricken smoked me! And supposedly I've been grappling longer than him.

So the progress is definitely slow when you are not training frequently. But if it is all that fits with your schedule you have to just decide that it is better than nothing and go with it (certainly can't quit my job and such so I can be a ground wizard!)

If that is all you can do just do it. I think you'll like it. I try not to get frustrated and take the long term view...
Once a week > Never
Once a week + drilling at home on a bag > Once a week
Twice a week >>> Once a week
Three times a week = You're getting there

Seriously, once a week is not enough for anything. If you have a choice, try to do it twice a week. But still, once a week is better than no standup training at all. Just don't expect wonders cause you won't get them.
I take striking class once a week. Monday nights. BJJ Tuesday and Thursday Nights. Occassionally geta private here and there at no extra cost. So I take Wednesday and Fridays as a day to drill some bags stuff to Bas Rutten and add some circuit training for my BJJ conditioning. My striking doesn't suffer from taking the one class as I put the time in to refine my technique. At the same time my grappling doesn't suffer from only going twice a week either. It all has to do with how you train it.