Total Gym good for serious training?

Duke Powerhand

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Mar 24, 2007
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I did a search first and didn't find any threads so I'll ask;

Is a Total Gym any good to have when you train hard and already lift weights? Kinda stupid sounding question but my Aunt offered to give me hers and I have no clue if I should invest any time in learning it or tell her thanks but no thanks.

Right now I do mainly Oly lifts, cleans, high pulls, squats etc...type exercises for athletic strength but I am always open to supplement my training.

Thanks for any insight and help
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In Brad Morris Australia you don't do Total Gym; Total Gym does you.
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Duke is probably like wtf did I get myself into? lol
I heard that guys in jail are getting huge, and it's all thanks to the total gym.
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If there's a plane on the total gym and the total gym is set to move at exactly the same speed....
Surely a total gym would be good for rehab/prehab stuff?
The reason I suck at strength is because I'm stuck lifting crude iron plates on a bar that I have to balance because I can't afford a total gym. If only I had a generous aunt.