Torso training article

The "Landmine" sounds interesting. I wish they had a better description.

Suitcase Deadlifts sound alot like dumbbell squats, no?

Interesting work out. I'm planning on adding sledgehammer training sometime soon when i can find the space to put a tire that weighs 500lbs. although i suppose you could use a smaller tire.

Thanks for hte article.
I use just a regular BF Goodrich radial TA man...I don't have room for a 500lb tire, I'm not sure if I'm missing much, from not having a big tire but oh well...
Land mines are also called full contact twists and I believe there is a pictured description somewhere on this site. The suitcase deadlift would differ from the dumbbell deadlift in that you would only have weight in one hand at a time.
Land mines/full contact twists


Those were pasted from the link in the stickies of the glossary / exercise index.