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Mar 7, 2005
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I just found my book, 'The Sport Science of Elite Judo Athletes' a review and application for training. 2001. by Waylund J. Pulkinnen B.P.E., M.Sc.,C.K. So if you have questions that may be in here, I'll have a look. I know its hard to find decent training manuals for judo.
At a big tourny a couple years ago. He has degrees from Mc Master and Waterloo in Canada. And a level 3 nccp coaching cert. It also has some comparisons of strength tests between top judoka and wrestlers and some VO2 max comparisons btween diff countries of judo, which I find interesting.
Wild Dan Hibiki said:
sounds good, im doina a sports degree course. where did u get it?

Good call on your course. I bet you're one of the few in there that know how big this mma is going to be. Angle that way and you wont have to look for a pro football team to be rich.:)
I have a college diploma in health and fitness. Self serving but cant make real money with it.