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Tips/Technique When A Bigger Opponent Has Sidemount on You.



I'm 170lbs and he's around 200lbs and I seem to hold my own until he's able to get to sidemount and thats where he's able to end it the quickest with either a keylock or a kimura.

Just looking for some tips/escapes when someone that much larger gets into side control.

Thanks guys
it would be best if you kept him from getting in side control because its pretty hard to roll over someone that much bigger ... try spinning out before he locks his hands
Against big guys I prefer shrimping and the pendulum escape.
Damn, I hate when a bigger guy has me in sidemount. Especially when the dudes like 50 lbs more than me. I need some tips too.
Try get your arm under them, so your elbow meets their hip, then bridge and hoist them off you.
Superbeast said:
Try get your arm under them, so your elbow meets their hip, then bridge and hoist them off you.

Yeah...you can do that or try to shrimp into him while keeping him in control so you can get your full guard back. Also, if you can't, you can try to bridge and turn into him so you can grab a leg and do a single leg takedown.
get your arm under his hips bridge as hard as you can and pull yourself out from under him.
ok lets say that he has side-control and his hips are on your right side and arms on your left.

take your left foot and carry it over and hook his right and pull it towards you. instant half guard.

now turn your hips the other way and a hole will appear in between your legs to slip your leg through and put them in your closed guard.

this is the same thing that eddie bravo did to royler in adcc
Weight in sidecontrol means nothing if the individual does not know a proper side control. In this case it seems he atleast has a decent sidecontrol.

The first thing to remember is you always want to be slightly on your side so you are FACING him. My favorite escape it to place the arm closest to his head across his throat gripping his trap muscle, and the arm nearest the hips with the hand on the hip bone. Then in one quick smooth move push up with both arms, bridge then shrimp into full guard.

The main thing however would be to work on your open guard and block the hip from coming over so you do not get placed in sidecontrol.

The escape listed above CAN sometimes work. I used to love it back when a decent amount people could actually pass my guard (now I usually let guys start in sidecontrol to work defense) however if you try it be very quick with it and don't let your own foot stay trapped for long because if the guy is an asshole and knows his technique there is a brutal leglock the guy on top could do which makes it rather easy to tear the knee joint.
Get him back in half guard by shrimping and forcing your shin between him and you. If he is good at getting this, try putting him in guard right away. Defend Kimura by not allowing your elbow off the mat, if he can't get under the elbow,to figure four, he can't get kimura.
1. You have to try and beat him on the transition. As he is passing or coming into the position is your chance to shrimp, scoot, get on your hip, get your arms where they are supposed to be(they are supposed to be tucked underneath his arm, 2nd option is making a frame in his neck to keep him from pinning ... but ALWAYS go for underneath his arm. For example, if he passed to your right, your left arm should be under his right armpit. Everyone should know this, and if you wait till he pins you its hard to get out. This prevents any arm attacks and gives you leverage to keep the pin off. If you have to go for the frame because you cant get the arm under, forearm in the throat and hand cupped around his shoulder... life with the wrist and watch the look on his face as he tries to pin. This isnt as good because he can fight for the arm.

2. If you get stuck, arm out, you have to hide it and bend it and fight it to hold of the submisstion.... again try and put the arm where it is supposed to go, and be working for the 1/2 guard. Once you get to 1/2 you can then work your 1/2guard game or try for the full guard.

3. Have your partner put you in side mount kimura, arm bar, americana etc... and work fighting them off and getting your arms where they need to be. Also work him passing and training yourself to beat him during the transition. This has to become habit, or you will get stuck over and over.