Tips on padding a glove


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Jul 4, 2005
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I've watched an instructional on how to wrap your hands to prevent injuries.. of course this was only covering wearing traditional style boxing gloves. The way they wrap the hands seem like it wouldn't suit an MMA style glove properly.

I was wondering if anyone knows any good tips or tricks that should be used when wrapping the hands for use in an MMA style glove. I know all MMA gloves arent the same, but I'm assuming there isn't much variance if any. I just recently bought a pair of Sherdog gloves and went to work on my heavy bag (100lbs) and after a few hours I'd start to feel the burn from the skin on my knuckles being worn down.

Anything suggestions?

And ya I know I shouldn't have bought MMA gloves for the purpose of training on a heavybag.. but I just wouldn't feel like a champ wearing boxing gloves :wink: