This video of Jerome Lebanner training is pretty scary...

Or Right click, and Save target as.

I especially like the headbutts he does.

Those grappling clips were short, but he was manhandling those guys with no skill whatsoever. I'm sure he got subbed though.

This clip is really old though, so I'm sure he got better.
The scariest thing that I see is not the training. It is his WILLINGNESS to train in the gi, out of the gi, wear a white belt, etc. When you have a fighter that is willing to X-train, and put himself out there where he is most vulnerable you have the makings of a very dangerous beast.

And you have to admit from his fights, he is a beast.
He looks like a grappler, thats the wierd thing. I would love to see him in pride, he would give the heavyweight division a huge shock.
LeBanner's ground game looked good against the judo champ he fought recently, his guard looked smooth and he seems to improve substantially every time, He would be a dominaant force in MMA for sure.