This is my last day on the forum

Elvis Sinosic

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Jan 1, 2002
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Hey Guys,

This is my last day here before I leave for my fight. I'll be gone for over a month so don't miss me too much.

What I need is for all you geeks and freeks to tell me how much you love me and how great I am... Ok fire away... :)

Woo Hoo
Good luck man, we want to see you fight in the UFC soon.
you will be missed because you are so great! we all can only wish to be a great as you elvis! KICK SOME FUCKING ASS!:mad: :D
Good luck Elvis.

I got some money riding on you, so go make me rich;)
Sorry Folks Elvis has left the boads

Make us proud Oh great warrior from the land down under
You're the man.

Be sure to prank your opponents. Shake their mental confidence.

Do the motherland proud mate!!!

- The Jake
Good Luck Elvi, don't let him get you in the fence.
I love you. You are the greatest. You make my day. I dream about you. You are my Fabio.

Take care and good luck with your fight with Renato and remember to use my strategy Elvis! You will win!

We will miss you.:(
i looooo00000ooooo00000oooove you man! :D

Kick ass Elvis!
Due to technical difficulties I had to vacate the forum... but I'm back (for the moment)...

You guys rock... :)

Fighttilyoudie... check out my avatar and see how wrong you are... :p
Elvis do you like the beer Fosters?

I've heard from one of your fellow mates that nobody drinks the beer. Is it true?
Good luck man...aww fuck you don't need luck, you got skillz...Go kick some ass bro!
Good luck man, and remember If you win is all about your skills, and well if you lose blame it on god :D