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These two things need to stop....


Jan 6, 2008
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1. Making statements that are not true in the title just so people read your post.

Ex. "Mayweather is Dana's announcement"

They should not be making statements without facts or a source. It is misleading and only starts rumors. And not to be dramatic but those rumors are what discredits us as "internet warriors" in the eyes of Dana and other organizations. Maybe if we showed more responsiblity they would take some of the things we say as positive critism??

2. Misquoting people.

Ex. "Mirgliotta is the worst ref in the UFC" - Joe Rogan

He never said that! That is completely misquoting something he said in the ring! If a reporter misquoted and misrepresented someone he could be held responsible. It could be considered slander or libel.