the ultra-powerful mod and admin thread

The OT will always be here. Wherever you guys heard that rumor, its just that, a rumor.
But Meat, I think the boy has wishes for demise as well. Oh what shall we do oh great guardian angle. For the devil hath forsaken us in Punkmoney.
well i reek of fucking something...

and no it's not :eek::eek::eek:gage.
Originally posted by Drunken Meat Fist
How very controversial of you to say such a thing, next it will be the death pangs of housepets, and that will certainly break the bank. And just for the record, as the sole legal and angelical guardian of both young Calf and little Kimo, I hearby stamp my approval and authenticity of our signatures in triplicate.

What should I say, animother? I'm not part of that happy family anymore. Some of them are simply mma fans, and some aren't comfortable with the brutally bizarre OT atmosphere. There was a mod who even proposed that OT gets the axe because it's causing the majority of problems. There you go.
That's irrelevant. I was just exemplifying that some staff is just not into OT and enjoys mma discussion only. If OT goes I'm gone as well for this is what makes the board magnetic.
Alright, I waited for your explanations in hope you'd come out and admit to your mistakes, but all I got in these few days were a state of denial, topic divergences and childlike rhetoric, from repeating ad nauseum punk's the absolute guilty one here and how me and vod stood up only because he's our buddy, retorting to this one dimensional defense due to argumentative frustration. Instead of sporadic fire, here's the entire conclusion I came to after you offered nothing but that sad display of lameness..

You intentionally neglected my ownership question, confirming that you indeed have no substantial role on sherdog, sitting in the admin booth for one reason only, being old-timers whose only forum performance consists of agreeing with other mods/admins and complimenting them, using the washed up "bro's" gayness to win them over emotionally. Of course, things changed when straightshooters like vod and punk entered the booth, not engaging in the :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:ry of mutual backpatting. Your admin calls are personal, as we witnessed by the punk decapitation. It was a weak attempt to save calf from embarrassment, which has counterproductively only been increased through this mess. Calf cowardly agreed with kimo's decision instead of handling the issue by himself, embodying the sheep you're falsely accusing me of being. They expected everyone to comply to their pussified personal politics and being their SHEEP. Well I was putting an effort while I was a mod but the mod title isn't of any significance to me if I know how bitchified the people I work with operate. If I didn't leave I would've been hardly considered an admins' nuthugger, swallowing their decision, but I would've been labeled as "loyal". You can shove a loyalty based on fundamentally wrong principles up your pseudo important asses. I chose to say fuck you and you have a hardtime dealing with it so once you got completely desperate you changed the "I admire and commend ftyd's loyalty to a friend" to "being up punk's ass", which seals your argumentative defeat where in reality it's a character issue so it could've been anyone I respect, and I would've made the same decision based on principle. The fact that punk's not involving in this as much as I do shows only that I care more about the proceedings and machinations of all this than about having the need to stand up for punk. Also, the lack of punk participation in my "crusade" proves that I'm less interested in defending him per se, but it's more a disgust at the methodology of your actions regardless of who's been involved. It goes on to tell how you'd approach any other hot issue, not just punk's, so before I was involved in it myself I decided not to deal with you as a staff member and split the ways.

Again, me sheep? Sheep to whom, don't act like you didn't read the argument between me and punk short before this happened, you can copy my hostile replies to punk from the booth to prove my point. I don't follow anyone unless it's justified. While you're at the topic of sheep, who is "agreeing" to almost every meat's post in the booth and who "complied" with kimo's decision to unmod vod and punk for a bullshit personal reason without further questioning, there's your definition of sheep. Hi, im calf, and I agreed that someone be demodded because he called me a buttfucking queer. WEAK. You own the "oldie" status yet nothing tangible that give you the right to be untouchable. You were flaming back punk, calf, and if you were "professional" as you claim you are you would've not let yourself into the verbal war to begin with, the fact that you flamed back negates your afterwards statements that you did this because "it made staff look like idiots". Get real, mods/admins trash and get trashed in OT on a daily basis, your punk decapitation was a personal selection, which you didn't fail to express in the vindictive PM you sent him after the fact, remember? "Congrats on umodding and the double yellow punk, global is looking for new members, your forum friend calf". That without question proved to me that you were glad to see him being tossed out since that PM symbolizes nothing but personal satisfaction. Kimo said in another post that I should leave sherdog if I don't like it, too, are you perceiving us as threats, endangering your now ruined reputation as competent admins? Your sweeping and euphemizing of all this dirt under the time rug is a cheap way to find a way out of this, it's been seen through and you're not fooling anyone with your innocent talk and reconciliation attempts. You placed the entire booth under siding pressure, kimo, when you said "it's either me or punk", consciously saying it because you knew they would choose an admin over a mod. It's gay and pathetic.

Your incompetence and inability to handle an averagely complex problem that could've been solved differently has been sufficiently displayed. If calf had any "professionalism" you two preach staff should display, he would've never engaged in the bashing punk baited him into in the first place. There's no denial that you didn't behave the way you claim punk or any other staff member should have, there's absolutely no difference between your flaming back, which was weak but that's not the point, and him flaming you. The point is you reciprocated and cannot assert that you acted 100% correct and that punk had brought it solely on himself. You lost your composure by firing back, and then proceeded to desperately support kimo's decision in order to get a pseudo revenge because you were verbally beaten to a bloody pulp. All it did though was showing your weakness and miserable communication skills. When we arranged the chatroom conference everyone signed on, even jeff, except kimo. You didn't want or you were scare of communication, again thinking your decision is uncontestable and uncompromising. It could've been worked out right there, yet you chose to play the self-serving cowboy and set an ultimatum to make a definite choice. That me or punk didn't care about modship as such, which was used by you to justify the leavings, is true, however it's modship as in being an authority or power position, otherwise I wouldn't have clinged to it as it's obviously the case with some, but we did care about the forum as you can't dispute that we were more than moderately active in keeping the place clean.

Now, it's apparent that all YOU care about is the admin belts and some imaginary board respect and pride, although you never earned them to begin with. If you don't own the site, then being a generic oldie alone doesn't give you the license to stand above others. Just shortly, when global was flamed to death by vod and punk, anyone in the booth will remember how you congratulated and complimented them, expressing your likings for their being straightshooters. Highly ironic how hypocritical you reacted the instant punk was straightshooting your ass in front of everyone. Calf acted like a girl who got his cyber pussy irritated, first desperately flaming back, then supporting his firing because he exposed your simplistic board persona. It's still so sore that you managed to break admin rules and manipulate punk's account by reducing his post count to an orange belt which translates into intellectual tapout. You have no own opinion, others think for you. Crusade, the big word you stole from 8th, it's always convenient to steal others' ideas, but that's something you grew acustomed to in the booth, right? Meat's apparently your guardian angel as well. He'd come to your rescue if an argument overwhelmed your intelligence. Now after you obviously fucked up, you decided to step into the hot off-topic waters and "prove" you can hang with the guys. A bit too late, the only thing you're accomplishing here is coming across as baffoons, nothing more. Haven't you head your admin nose up until the sky it wouldnt have come this far. No matter how much you try to fit in with the OT now you'll be remembed as the admins who unmodded someone for being called a buttfucking queer. Your forum presence is close to nonexistant and once someone poins it out like punk did you get all worked up, it's true you don't do shit for the site yet you've placed yourself on a pedestal looking down on others, and cannot take a joke that you misconstrued as "unprofessional behavior". That was your modus operandi which caused me to resign.

This pretty much the authentical account and summary of this fiasco and I'm ready to rest my case since almost everything is off my chest now. It'll only be harmless side bickering in OT from now on, anytime you guys come by to say hello..


back to the topic at hand...i really wouldnt care if half of that list of sherdog staffers died.
Originally posted by Drunken Meat Fist
How very controversial of you to say such a thing, next it will be the death pangs of housepets, and that will certainly break the bank. And just for the record, as the sole legal and angelical guardian of both young Calf and little Kimo, I hearby stamp my approval and authenticity of our signatures in triplicate.

this directed at me? if so, youd be one that isnt missed.
you replied with fucking dont start with me on substance...