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Sep 18, 2009
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For starters, I decided to make this prediction thread for one main reason; i'm sick of reading after every major fight "lol i knew JDS would lose, cain is beast with too much cardio for him etc etc etc" however of course this is after an event and retrospective is golden. Here is your chance to either be shut down completely or be a king within your self (no one cares if you predicted a fight correctly, sorry. Congratulations regardless though!) So here is the general rules of the thread:

- Your post must have a clear winner, you cannot sit on the fence.
- Your post may not include excuses if your fighter lose. (eg "shogun will only lose if healthy shogun turns up to the fight") The point is to focus on why they will win - not making excuses why they may lose
- You can predict any fight from any event that's coming up, you don't have to pick from the fights i'm choosing
- Give some sort of analysis why your fighter is going to win, if you think Aldo will gas from the constant pressure and speed against Edgar - say it don't just state "Edgar by decision"
- The analysis can be short if needed, no need for essays.
- You must quote the person above you predictions, this is too ensure that there's no deleting/altering posts after an event by the person above.
- Feel free to link back to your post in this thread in any other thread to brag about your amazing prediction!

That being said it doesn't matter if you get a fight wrong or right, i'm putting myself out there - you should too, anything can happen in a fight. Again, the point is to not only stop the above reason which shits me, but also to try to get some real analysis on fights by fans which is always good to read! Also if this thread goes long enough i'm more then happy to pop some money into someone's account through paypal if someone goes crazy and predicts correctly the next 10 fight main UFC events fights correctly.

I'm only really covering the next few upcoming fights which are the most exciting to me and their main events. As you can see they are brief and straight to the point where I think the fighter i'm choosing will win the fight and by what method.

Belfort vs Bisping:
Honestly if you told me a couple of years ago Bisping would be potentially one fight away from versing AS I thought you'd be joking. Although Stann was a big win, I do believe Belfort is on another level from Bisping at this point. I think Vitor will clip him, smell blood and finish him in the third round. I know this isn't a wild prediction - it doesn't have to be.

MM vs Dodson
I won't lie, I don't follow the 125 division as well as the others, but I have seen majority of their fights. Obviously MM will have the clear wrestling advantage, and even with the knock out of Formiga(spelling?) by Dodson I still believe MM will be more impressive standing - he is just too fast footed compared to Dodson. MM by UD.
(I'm actually really keen to hear people's opinions on this one, I bet on nearly every event and would love to hear from Dodson fans of what he brings to the table)

Cerrone vs Pettis
This fight is so exciting, hardest fight to pick a winner I think. There's no chance i'm betting on it. The striking advantage although extremely close i'd have to give to Pettis just because I believe he's more technically sound. I think we'll see Cerrone getting lit up on the feet just because he tends to have lack of head movement and leaves his lead hand down quite a bit. Although Cerrone has improved his wrestling like in the Varner fight I don't think he'll keep Pettis on the ground like Guida did or even get him down. Pettis by UD

I can't wait for UFC 156.
Aldo vs Edgar
I'm a huge Aldo fan but i'm actually really worried. Attempting to look at this at a neutral position it's hard to say Aldo will come out with this one. I will give the clear striking advantage to Aldo, however I don't think this fight will be on it's feet all that much, I know Aldo's TDD/ability to get on his feet is pristine but I think Edgar will end up getting him down. I think Edgar's movement, speed, heart, ability to get his head pounded in and still be able to keep up his pace is good enough to survive on the feet long enough to get him down and win rounds by points. Even though I haven't rated Florian as a fighter since early 2009 (there's a reason he's retired) if i remember correctly he won the first round against Aldo, the next four rounds was Aldo finding his rhythm and dominating him. I don't think he'll find his rhythm against Frankie. I believe with all this talk of moving up weight by Aldo, he's finding it real hard to cut.. There's a chance he might gas with all the grappling (This is not an excuse for a loss, if you can't survive the pressure then you are the lesser fighter of the night and deserve the L). Edgar by UD

What I wouldn't give for a HL knockout by Aldo though!

I'll do my predictions on the Rashad/Overeem fights tomorrow.

There you go guys, continue on with your predictions! Feel free to completely shut down my opinion with rational reasoning!(lolonsherdog?)
Big Nog will beat Werdum again, Aldo will be LW champ by the end of the year, Cain will make overeem tap to strikes and Brock will fight legit once in 2013.

Come at me Bro!
Frankie Edgar is going to beat Jose Aldo: throwing him down and out boxing him.
Edger new champ

Mir wins HW title by sub.

GSP finishes Diaz.

Aldo will blast Frankies legs from under him for the 49-46
Jon Jones will win the HW strap December 28, 2012 in Las Vegas
my 1st inclination is belfort is too beast for bisping and will knock his ass out but when i sit back and rethink it, i do believe bisping is slightly underrated...if he can avoid being KOd early on, i think he has the cardio and good enough boxing/foot movement to tire belfort out and possibly squeek out a decision...slight lean on bisping by close decision...
Making blind guesses and being right doesn't mean you predicted or knew it.
I'll believe people who back up their words.

If someone makes a ridiculous prediction and he's right, I really don't care.
Belfort > Bisping

Considering how catastrophically underwhelming Bisping has been looking against less than stellar opponents I simply can't go against Vitor. Bisping will look to drag it into the deeper rounds and have belfort gas i just simply don't see him succeed at all. he will be blitzed in round 1, hurt and finished.

Dodson > Mighty Mouse
admitted, this is heart > mind thing for me, but god dammit if i wouldn't love for dodson to win. He got a bit of a bad rap for snitching during TUF but fact of the matter is the dude is a god damn fireball in the ring. he's crazy explosive, probably the most athletic fighter at 125, great hands and striking and i think he has a legit shot at beating the admittedly much more well-rounded Mighty Mouse. that's not to say that mighty mouse isn't a legit athlete in his own right but i do feel that Dodson does have decisive edge over him in that apartment.

Pettis > Cerrone

Man this fight is going to be awesome!! To incredible strikers with great submissions of their backs as well going at it for a potential title shot further down the road. The main difference between the two as for striking goes i feel lies in Cerrones power and Pettis's speed. I think Cerrone is a bit more willing to stand and bang and he will look to engage and push the action a lot more early in the fight, whereas Pettis will be content with probably sitting back a little more and biding his time until he finds his moment. here's the thing: Pettis is a big game player. He loves the big stage and he usually delivers when he's there. I see him pulling out a victory with a finish standing or simply picking Cerrone apart with more technical striking over 3 rounds.

Aldo >>>>> Edgar

This one i have never understood why people made such a fuzz about. It spells clear Aldo domination to me TBH. Frankie has spent his entire career living on being fast and more technical than his opponents. He has great footwork very strong TD's. He has, however, been very susceptible to getting caught in fights by strikers and had to rely on his ability to recover and cardio.

Aldo is known as an incredibly fast and precise striker who is great at controlling the distance and having incredible timing. This is the first time in Frankie's career where he faces an opponent who is actually faster than him, and coincidentally Aldo also has the best Takedown Defense in the UFC. Frankie is going to be facing so many new problems against Aldo while i don't feel like Aldo is going to encounter anything new in Edgar.

As far as the Hominick fight, it has already stated on numerous occasions that Aldo was sick, coming of an injury and had a horrible weight cut, and he still won 4 out of 5 rounds. Same goes for Florian. People play that fight up to be some razor sharp decision yet in reality Aldo absolutely dominated Florian for the majority of the fight, staggered him several times and mounted him.

This is such a horrifically bad match-up for Edgar I simply don't see how anyone can have him as a favorite. what is he going to do? hold Aldo down? Florian who is way bigger and a black belt in BJJ got his ass scrambled and up getting mounted. Aldo via a crippling 5 round beatdown or 4th round stoppage.
Edgar Vs Aldo is too hard to call.

Bisping > Belfort
Lyoto > Henderson
Jones > Sonnen
Reem > Bigfoot
Cain > Reem
JDS > Reem
Cain > JDS
GSP > Diaz
Aldo is going to beat Edgar reallllllly bad. It'll look a lot like Faber/Aldo.

Mighty Mouse is going to bounce around and outbox Dodson for 5 rounds straight.

Not sure on Belfort/Bisping but I see Bisping surviving the first round and wearing Vitor out with his hands and wrestling en route to a 29-28 UD.

Cerrone will land some nice kicks on Pettis and some good clinch knees but Pettis will win the overall striking battle in a 3-round classic.
Aldo will beat Edgar.
It'll be his hardest fight yet, but his leg kicks are going to limit Edgar's movement and he's like a shark when he smells blood. If he hurts Edgar, he stops him. I can see Edgar having success. He has great takedowns and great boxing, but I think Aldo's power is going to make the difference. On paper, it's a bit like Cain vs JDS. Edgar being a speedy wrestler and Aldo being the slower powerhouse. Unfortunately for Edgar, Aldo is all around better than JDS by a considerable difference and the speed difference may not be gigantic at all. Aldo TKO in 4.
That said, I won't be surprised if Edgar wins at all.

Bisping vs Belfort.
I see Bisping winning a UD. Belfort is dangerous, fast as lightning, and we know he has dangerous Jiu-jitsu. Who would have thought a middleweight would have put Jon Jones in the worst position he's ever been in during a fight?
Bisping is definitely under-rated. His boxing is intelligent and take down defence is good. I see him keeping the distance and calmly scoring points against Belfort to a 30-27, but it's going to be a close 30-27, not an easy one.
TS said you gotta quote the person above your post guys.

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Aldo vs. Edgar
Prediction: either Aldo via early TKO in rounds (round 2 or 3) or Edgar via decision.

The bout will start off competitive but both are hesitant to commit to strikes, and will stay on the feet for much of the first round. Edgar has good movement, changing levels, boxing, landing some kicks and looking for a takedown to seal the round. Aldo thwarts off the first few takedown attempts. Aldo will land some good leg kicks, but Edgar's been training for it, so catches one late in the round and takes him down momentarily.

One comes more hesitant this second round and other is more aggressive. Depends on who has the respect for the other. If Aldo is worried about being outpointed on the feet, he loosens up and lands a devastating combo, with some knees to the body and the face of Edgar. Edgar is rocked and Aldo finishes him on the ground, picking his shots.
Or Aldo is worried about being taken down, and becomes a bit more conservative with his kicks. Frankie continues boxing and slowly chipping away at the legs with leg kicks, and gets another takedown, and spends the rest of round on top of Aldo. Aldo is noticeably tired at the beginning of the third, and capitalizes with his patented box-legkick-takedown strategy for the remainder of the fight, winning a decision along the lines of 50-45 or 49-46.