The Steroid Free, Unequipped Club

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Aug 11, 2004
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Purpose: I lift this way and I am more interested in advice from only people who train like I do.

The rules of the club are simple:

A.) You cannot look down upon people who use bench suits or steroids and if you do, you cannot express this in an insulting way towards any other S & P member.

B.) You cannot use steriods or have used steroids for any extended amount a time (over two weeks).

C.) All your PR's and feats of strength are without powerlifting equipment when shared with others.

D.) If you are telling the truth. If you are embarrassed about something you do, then don't do it.
I broke rule A and will continue to break rule A. I'm out.
I'll join. Do we get to put S-FUC in our signature?
What's the bench / powerlifting suits improve the amount you lift orsomething ?
yes suits do... i cant remember who it was... but in a PL comp... a guy had to add more weight to make a lift count.. because with his suit on the bar wouldnt go all the way down to his chest.

it was posted here before .. anybody remember who it was?
i'll join, but i'll probably bring the average down.
hey i'm in. i'll never have the money for either anyways.
Diligent said:
I broke rule A and will continue to break rule A. I'm out.

we'll let it slide, I just didn't want a lot of the same old threads being redone again.
I wish I was cool enough to join an internet club and put cool saying in my signature.

Especially one where the last rule doesn't make any sense.

Lastly, anybody who used steroids for less than two weeks is a moron. Either do something the right/educated way or don't do it at all. Maybe I"m making a large assumption here, but did you attempt to use steroids for less than two weeks fedorable? I'm just curious why you would put that in there at all. A better rule would be only one or two cycles or not at all.
I will join only if there are refreshments at the monthly meetings.
Will there be punch and pie?

Seriously, this is dumb. i'm closing this thread. If you want to behave a certain way, fine, behave that way. It's not neccessary to make a e-club on an internet forum about it.
Not open for further replies.