The ROM machine... a bargain at $14000


Savage Mystic
May 16, 2003
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OK, So we've all seen this thing from and we think, "WTF?! What makes it so fucking special it's worth 14k?!" So I got to re-reading some advertisement in popular science or something and saw that they have a show room in north hollywood. A quick trip later and I was there huffin and puffin away and then given a tour of the facility and a lengthy discussion with their representative (Tom).

Oddly enough, it's a HELL of a machine. Well built, warranteed for the life of the machine (not the owner), well engineered (the centripetal brake is a marvel), and gives a hellish 4 minute workout. Plus if ANY parts wear out or break, they will replace them for free. The rowing movement is pretty fantastic, combining a deadlift, row, press, and crunch into one complex, and the range of motion on the stair stepper really finds a weakness at the ends of your normal ROM.

Is it worth 14k? probably not. It certainly doesn't cost that much to make it, and the engineering isn't REALLY worth that much. So why the price? well, first, because people will pay that much. second, because the people who can afford to pay that much are the same people who appreciate the principle: as much benefit as possible in only 4 minutes a day. Not only that, but when you drop 14k on an exercise machine, I think you're less likely to use it as a coat rack and more likely to put some serious effort into getting on the thing 4 minutes a day, which WILL yeild positive results thus keeping adding to the good reputation of the machine's effectiveness.

Is it the same as a full hour at the gym? no. Will it turn you into a world class athlete in only 4 minutes a day? no. Will it help you stay healthy, (relatively) strong and flexible? Yes. Is the end all be all last workout the world will ever need? no. of course not. But it's not a bad piece of machinery, it's made domestically (not in a third world sweat shop), if you inherit one or buy it used they STILL replace the parts for free, and it's not engineered for obsolescence or to break down, it's meant to last forever. there's not tubing, all the handles and tubular ****l is solid, the wheel is a big chunk of solid chromed steel, it's a hearty machine to be sure.

If you have the 14k to throw around, I say go for it. I'd like to use one for recovery at the end of a workout, and I got the invite to come back whenever I want (every day if I feel so compelled) and use their machines for free. Cool. If you have the chance to check one of these things out, I reccomend the experience. But unless you're rich or extremely pressed for time, I don't see a lot of reason to buy one. By and large it's marketed to the people who want to make the most minimal temporal investment in staying healthy, that's not a healthy mindset in my opinion, but as far as a 4 minute workout, this is probably the best you're going to get.
the real north hollywood
That machine looks crazy.. That being said, I wouldn't ever buy one after reading that website (not that I would have in the first place). Saying that it's "the absolute cheapest and most effective" way to workout in the world is freakin ridiculous, I don't know how they think that is it true. I dunno, I'd have to try it out I guess.
Looks like something invented by caractacus potts
The fat man will need that back at the end of December.

i've seen it before. the first time i saw price i was lmao for like an hour. 14000?for that?
On lankershim, in an unmarked building in the bad part of noho. 8137 Lankershim Blvd, between rosco and strathern.
saw an ad for that piece of shit on the plane down to miami. no way i would spend that much on that thing. id buy a semi nice car instead. or lots of porn
saw it in popular science a while back...not worth 14Gs...I dont give a shit how good it is...

calistenics=free and just as effective if not more so...
also the people who will buy it are going to be very very it's just as likely that they will use this contraption as a coatrack...the same way people who buy bowflex end up using it as a coatrack...
where is pussy magnet? for $14000 please can you make sure pussy magnet installed?