The official "Get Anik out of there and bring whoever instead of him" petition thread


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Apr 4, 2011
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I mean come on. He's boring the f*** out ouf me.

It's 3am where I live, and I need a bit more energy than that.
At least Goldie makes me laugh, and his "and it is all over!!!!" after a KO makes up for his dumb moments.
He's not only boring, but spews out some bullshit facts like, Michael Johnson being on the cusp of the Top 10 LW rankings.

I mean, I know in retrospect after his loss he definitely isnt, but even before he was NO where near top.

I usually dont complain about rankings cuz i dont care for them, but it seems every couple of sentences he says he just says some dumb shit
I like that he says little. It's one step up from saying shit that is just distracting, and Rogan is much better at the play-by-play than anyone in the business.
Who didn't know he was boring before? That's why Goldie >>>> Anik even if he's a mess.
I honestly wouldn't mind having Goldie back. At least he commits.

Anik doesn't seem to give a damn.
Anik does his job well. Some people out there just love to search for things to complain about.
"Look. At. The. Fighter. He's. Throw. Ing. A. Kick. Now. Look. It's. A. Pun. Ch. Wow." -- Jon Anik.