The Mark of Cain [Velasquez] New HL by FlyWin


Frank Mir on Headphones not given an f
Aug 5, 2010
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Enjoy. Watch in HD

I'd really like to watch but I've seen him KO Big Nog enough times already
amazing. pretty inspiring. i wanna go get in a bar fight..

Ill come back and tell you how it went if i dont get KOed
It would be funny if he fought a guy named Abel and he killed him and it turned out later that they were brothers.
Thanks TS, but i cant watch Cain blast JDS anymore.
Enjoyed it.
He is a beast! I gotta say I jumped off his wagon but should he get by the Reem I'm not sure anyone can touch him
Decent. I would have liked to see more fighting and less Cain walking around looking menacing
Pretty good, thanks. Wanted to get more pumped up, but that's just me. I enjoyed the overall highlights of training and everything, cool