The "How Much did you Gain During the Holidays" Thread


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Mar 13, 2005
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So how much did you guys pack on over the last few days...I think I put on about 4 or 5 pounds.
I don't think I put on that much, if any. I ate some pretty disgusting food but I still worked out and I didn't eat myself to death.

That was some awesome apple pie though...
I gain more weight during the month of December.
I put on maybe 3 pounds. But whatever. I'm back on my normal eating plan basically so it should come off pretty easy.
Same man, like 5 pounds, it's alright though cause I am just indulging right now, wrestling season starts tomorrow, and today is my last day of eating like fatty, and I am trying to enjoy every second of it. haha
NONE, surprisingly... I actually stayed on my diet. :D Now let's just hope I can say that after Christmas and New Year's...
I resisted all temptations on thanks giving and stuck with a solid diet plan. Then my nephews birthday came and I resisted temptations again... but during that night they left the cake at my house and I woke up with a serious craving so I ate half the cake.

I hate cake. I don't know what got into me.
as someone who is trying to gain weight.. and have only managed to gain 1lb this past MONTH!.. i stuffed myself all day for both thurs and friday in addition to my weight gainer powder.. i was starting to feel a little sick actually.. lol... too bad i don't have a weight scale.. cuz i would really like to know my weight right now as well.. :D
0 dude..and i was actually trying to gain weight too..had 2 thanksgiving dinners too..
1 whole pound. I didn't eat much differently except that I had ham and turkey instead of beef and chicken.
None, thanksgiving was leg day...........what?
Lost 4 pounds last week do to being sick as a dog. I'll get it all back in a week or so.
didnt gain any weight. not too many vegetarian meals at my thanksgiving party :(
I did okay over Thanksgiving...the big problem comes between December 17th (Our last day of classes and when the alcoholism begins) and January 1st (When I finally stop drinking/eating Christmas cookies for a few days)...I usually put on 5 lbs, but use my New Year's Resolution to lose them before schoool starts back up in Mid-January
I ate all of the different foods I wanted, but just in smaller portions, so I didn't really gain any weight in a bad way. Of course, I'm trying to gain, so I guess that could be considered a bad thing.
Shit. I can gain 10 pounds in a weekend after a cheat meal. I don't eat very many refined carbs so I just SOAK up water, but the pumps are amazing come Monday. I don't do that so often any more but I remember one weekend I put on something like 13 or 14 pounds when I was doing a cyclical ketogenic diet.