The Great and Powerful Joe Silva!!!

He says some funny stuff.... Junior 2 Santos and Rory MacMadMen lol
the whole segment fucking sucks

mma fans are some of the stupidest bottom-feeding chodes of all time though (up there with nascar)

never watched a tommy toe hold show and never will

i heard 5 second clip months ago and thought it was stupid

you're not funny

no wonder sherdog stickies you

F*CK OFF, troll. (never watched show....but know it's not funny).

Good show Tommy...liked the segment regarding the TUF finale finals...Ryan Gosling and Grey boxer briefs. Good show as always...Thanks!
This show is funny. Too bad many people are brain dead, but oh well good luck to them making it outside message boards.

Good job, Tommy. Keep it up.
Good as usual.


Holy shit! A Benoit reference. I was watching this with my buddy and said, "Well he went all Benoit on him!"
Thank you guys for all the feedback! Very much appreciate it.