the anaerobic part of a fight


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Jun 17, 2004
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when you fight , your high power combinations are gona be a pure anaerobic effort, thats why you are supossed to sprint , to train your cardiovascular system to work better under those conditions.
but i have a question , when you sprint , besides training your cardiovascular system , you are training real hard your leg muscles , so they are going to be much efficient in an anaerobic situation than for example, arms. So in a fight , the cardiovascular system compared to the muscles adapted to the anaerobic effor (arms in this case) , what has more importance?
u think this would be a good routine? for ex 30 seg full power , rest 1 min , or 15 segs full power , rest 30 segs , sets of this.

I think you maybe confusing anaerobic capacity and local muscular endurance.
Your right in the regard that the legs get better at sprinting (ie muscular development and lactate flushing during the rest), but lactate builds in the body as a whole, so by sprinting your developing the body as a whole to cope with the stresses. True when punching you need to develop the local endurance in the arms, but thats through pad work and/or punch sprinting. The fact is because the legs are so big incomparison to the arms, the lactate they produce in sprint work is much greater then that of the arms under the same conditions, so the adaption to the lactate is much more wide spread when legs are used rather then arms.

I could be wrong on this, but I don't 'think' I am

Also, glad to see your asking good questions now toufeksian, you asked some shit ones previously :p
If you are worried about the arms giving out during a flurry of punches then you should imitate the idea of sprinting with some "sprinting" on the bag of pads. Try to go as fast as you can for 15 seconds then rest or go lightly fo 15 seconds and so on. The variations are endless