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Jun 11, 2004
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Just wanted to say thanks to everyone here who provides info for proper strength & power training (Dan181, Urban, CarnalSalvation etc).

I've read all the stickies etc (hence why I never post here!) and thanks to Dan181 have now got my program all sorted and ready to go (just getting over an elbow injury from BJJ).

So thanks for saving me from the usual gym instructor advice of how to get strong (pec-deck, leg press, curls etc!) and showing me how it really works.

Just wanted to let you know that some people do read the stickies and don't ask you all the same questions you've heard 100 times! ;)
ill second that, thanks guys. urban, im about 4 weeks into the strength program you outlined on your website and im making good gains. carnal - your treatise on the lifting of heavy iron was what inspired me to get my pussy finesse and technique obsessed bjj ass back into the gym to get fucking strong. thanks guys, and keep it up.
Well theres your problem TS, the best Fitness Instructors are all working in Cardiff ;-P

Edit. Just noticed this was posted in '05!!

I like this thread.
It's what we do TS. It's what we do.

BTW, hit me up with a PM if you ever need personalized training advice. My rates are reasonable and I guarantee results...

... or your money back!
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