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Thanks everyone

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Apr 17, 2005
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Well Id like to take the time and say thankyou to everyone on this forum, even Urban for flaming when I would bring up dumb topics. I have been doing some surfing around on the forum and I find that all of the other forum pages are full of haters and flamers. Every comment ends up in a argument and no one is ever right. On the other hand I do have to say that the strength and power forum is the most supportive and helpful. We have our flamers to but the dont just flame they give advice too. So Id just like to say thanks yall have helped change my routine and I can honestly say that the tips that yall have shown me some improvement in my lifts.

So thankyou everyone.
See, now that's an excellent attitude.

I'm gonna ignore that part about calling me a flamer to keep this thread jolly.
I'm not sure why a mother breastfeeding a baby is the first result when you type "ban" into google image search...
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