TECKNO3...anyone tried this?

Waste of money.
Have you tried it? How did you come to your conclusion?
Isn't there no significant scientific proof that NO3 does to any significant degree what they claim it does?
Tap112 said:
way over-priced.

Yeah, that's the bottom line with the creatine, and the NO is totally bogus, so you're paying for snake oil there.
I read too fast and didnt realize he was talking about the NO3 (thought he meant the company in general b/c thats what he linked us to), but I just looked at that stuff Stizm and it looks like crap to me.

Caffeine - you know what this is
Theobromine - like caffeine but not as powerful
Synephrine - ephedra like
Hordenine - appetite suppresant
Tyramine - like hordenine, supports blood pressure, common cause of headaches and migranes in a lot of people
Phenylethylamine - appetite suppresant

seems to me that you might as well just take a bunch of caffeine pills. and if you're looking to gain weight you dont want the appetite supprensants.

90 capsules Stizm ~ $45
100 caffiene pills ~ $10

I dunno, is this an accurate review? Maybe the components interact with each other magically.