technique thread frenzy


Tudo Bem Bjj
Jul 17, 2002
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there have been a lot of technique threads this past week.
and lots of good posts in them, are we seeing a forum turn around or are we seeing a lot of repeats from the "stickys"??
i enjoy reading them , so it doesnt matter to me
It's all good as far as I'm concerned!

Wish we could see more pics though.
adding pictures and then adding them to the user submitted techniques thread would be nice
guardpasser said:
there have been a lot of technique threads...

...which is why I come to this forum in the first place. Sure some of them are sticky repeats, but there's many times a unique answer, a new twist, or an unorthodox approach posted somewhere in the new technique threads. Anything I can try in the club against my mates is good for me.
Well this is the grappling forum after all. I love em.