Teaching The Tabata Method

Masakatsu Funaki #1

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Jun 2, 2002
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For my communication class, we had to come up with a topic, in which we would teach the class something. I am going to try giving the Tabata Method a try. I feel that it could benefit everyone, cause for one, it isn't too time consuming and second, it will raise general health and help people tone thier bodies. Right now I am in the outline stage, and need to construct a demo outline by Wednesday. We also need to have a visual (or something the shows whats being done). I was thinking of burning around 20 copies of the Tabata mp3 (the metal one of course :p ) and letting everyone try it out for themselfs. I might even make a challenge or something to make my speech more entertaining. "At the end up this class term, lets see who lost the most weight." Something along those lines, although I plan to narrow it a bit more. Any information/sites would benefit me, I would also like the insight of some of you guys who have been doing it for awhile. I have been doing Tabata for about 2 months now, and love it. Tell me how has it effected your health? Does it fit in easy based on the amount of time you have free to excerise? Oh,. another thing I plan to do, is while I am talking (although this may be a distraction so this thought is still in a prototype phase) I will have the Tabata mp3 running, and will give everyone student a rubber to wrap around there finger (thumb included). Everytime the 20 second go period comes on the must open and close their fingers while the rubber band is still on them. I remember using this alot to build more muscle and endurance in my forearms. thanks for the help guys.