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May 22, 2005
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In my eternal effort to get my meagre bench numbers up, ive been doing a fair amount of heavy tri work recently. Today i was at the gym doing tate press with 60's for like 6 reps and felt like my right shoulder was going to part from its socket, right at the front of my shoulder. I'm not sure if its a past injury thing or a form thing...also not sure what to do about it.

I'm a retired 20 year old rugby player with wrecked joints all over my body, and this is a shoulder feeling i have felt before. As for avoiding it, I am unsure about proper for for tates. Websites and slideshows seem kinda vague. Are elbows in? out? 45? shoulders back? neutral? when should the wrists turn and what kinda angle should the hands meet at....orrrrr is worrying about small things wasting my time?
If it hurts, try a different exercise. More than likely it is due to an instability in your shoulder joint or a past injury. Shrugs can kill me sometimes and I have to lay off of them for a while.
Tate presses hurt my elbows, so I don't do them. I like dips for triceps work. CG pressing is another favorite of mine. If something hurts, don't do it.
yeah, skullcrushers kill my elbows sometimes, so i just wont do them for a while. just pick another tricep exercise.
Tate presses ROCK! I try to work them in every few weeks.
I found if I did them after a heavy press working my shoulders would ache, if i did after dynamic benching its fine. I tucked my elbows as if I was benching
If you arent doing so already, sounds like you could benefit from some rotator cuff work.
gruesome said:
If you arent doing so already, sounds like you could benefit from some rotator cuff work.

I do some rotator cuff work, but probably not as often as i should, becuase its probably the first thing i ditch when im running out of time...that and grip work.

Maybe i should reorganize my priorities.