Taking time off to get in shape.


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Dec 21, 2001
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Hey guys whats up. Well I'll be truthful. I used to be 195 and active with bjj. We'll over the past three years ive made some shitty choices and went all the way back down to 166 and im 5'11. I wanted to spend the next 5 months getting back in shape. I dont really need help with the weightlifting part besides stop partying like a jackass and get in the gym, but can you recommend some drills for agility? Also I used to be a food shoveling freak but, because of my problems I stopped eating. I have a problem eating heavy food now. Is there any food that are high in calories but light? Thanks
Foods that are light but high in calories:
Nuts! I carry a trailmix made of raw cashews, almonds, and walnuts. I buy them bulk and store them in the fridge. They have the good cholesterol lowering fats, protien, and fiber...

My tips at home are learn how to cook and always keep innovating...i fry everything in extra-virgin olive oil and add chicken, cheese, vegetables, grapenuts, lentils/beans and then i make some egg noodles and mix everything together in a bowl and season with a variety of spices.

With all due respect ot my friend Carnal i had a can of corn beef hash after smoking up all day and about 2 hours later i thought i was going to die! Dirty bulking has a limited shelf life my friend!
Also, try taking in some extra calories in liquid form. (i.e. milk, protein shakes etc.)
Peanuts, cashew and other types of nuts are high in calories but good calories. Eat more fruit as well

for agility and explosiveness, plyo is the way to go
walnuts are filling. i can't stand to eat more then a handfull of these violent things without feeling full.