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Oct 27, 2005
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Does anyone know of a good and affordable Judo or wrestling school in Orange County? I train BJJ but we don't train many takedowns or throws. I like the BJJ school I am at so I don't want to switch schools but I'm looking to join another school to learn some takedowns, etc. Thanks.
stick to one thing or the other. Youll be slowing your progress and one and getting the full game at the other.

Just do bjj.. when your a purple.. start cross training.

Just my opinion. I think alot of guys get into grappling and want to be the next Jean Jacques or something and want to take everything that is out there. Concentrate on thing.. have a good base in that before you try to conquer everything.
Try community Colleges around your area they offer judo classes very cheap take for a semester and some of them they have their own clubs and go to competitions etc...... I have to disagree with the post above in order to start using your BJJ you need to take your opponent down and best way to do it is learning take downs so I dont think learning Judo or wrestling is going to harm your BJJ it will only help you as a fighter.
Thanks to both of your replies. I feel pretty comfortable on the ground, it is getting to the ground I have a tough time with. Ya know what I mean?
Yea, takedown are a thing that many BJJers lack. Do Judo if you want to compete in BJJ, wrestling for mma.