Takayama's right ear

Fenris Wolf

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Nov 6, 2003
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...seems to be gone?

I just watched Clash of the Titans and in the closeups of Takayama before he fights Fujita his right ear appears not to be present. What the fuck happened to this guy? The absence of this body part can only fan the furnace that is the Hotness.
The Hot One has 1 ear!?

OMG! I'm a freak!
His hair always covers it, but if you have the DVD of Clash of the Titans then you'll see them zoom really close and you can see that its just...not there.
if you see the hidden ear of the Hot One, you'll see the cryptics of Hotness!
I think this picture may be what you are talking about.

Actually a firend of mine's brother had an ear like that. It was like it was under-developed, and actually skin covered the hole in his ear so he was deaf on that side.

It is somewhat fixable by surgery though. After like 15 or so operations, my friend's bro has a serviceable ear now :)
Originally posted by Wild Dan Hibiki
ur computer will explode form hotness if some one posts the pic

Dammit I missed this post the first time. I guess I was tempting fate. It all turned out fine in the end. My computer started burning up, but no permanent dammage due to the extreme hotness.
Originally posted by Fenris Wolf
God I can feel the heat surging through my keyboard.

Sadly my copy of pride 14 was vaporized due to the rotness. Luckily I managed to cap that pic before it happened though. So that the rotness could live on.
Man, I never realized how much hotness he posessed. I'm........yeah........... i'm flushed. Maybe I need some water?
Takayama looks like he is constantly drunk.
hey dcm386 how did u cap the pic? for some reason i cant cap pics from WMP, i usually use the print screen button then paste it in paint
I think the missing ear is self-inflicted. So as to bring down the hotness to a manageable level for the puny minds of the rest of humanity.