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Jul 19, 2005
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Is the tabata method more beneficial stamina-wise than running? The football season is starting up soon and Im thinking of just doing this everyday instead of running to get my stamina up. Im really pressed for time and this would be more convenient.
the tabata method would definately help your anaerobic conditioning that you need for football....i think you would be fine using tabata as your main form of conditioning as long as you are strength training as well.....however you need to do at least 4 exercises, 8 intervals of each to get enough benefit out of it for football.....

i would also recommend using whatever football drills you might need ( updowns, sprints, several plyometric movements for both your upper and lower body [ clapping pushups, depth jumps, tuck jumps, several differnt kinds of medicine ball throws] ) as part of your regular tabata workouts and you should be on top of your game during the season
so you suggest doing calisthenics in place of using weights for the T. method?
I don't know........... Tabata is hard as shit with those exercises. Unless you are in great shape already, you should keep it simple.
no there are some exercises you can use weights for with squats, thrusters, and push presses. thats just about it, youll need to keep your weight training seperate from your conditioning....but yes calisthenics are primarily what you will use for tabatas
if you can't do front squats or thruster for whatever reason, I would think about doing it with just plain out sprints

like do the 8x20second sets, with the 10 second rest in a 4 minute period.. just make sure to run for few mins first to warmup..

here is a good article about the effects of tabatha for cardio/stamina
the tabata method definitely works for endurance and cardio, i have been trying it for the past week or so and i already feel a lot fitter for it
The T method is awesome for cardio. We use airdynes for our cardio. Like other people said you can do it with almost anything as long as you follow the 20/10 cycle. I like to use bikes due to the fact that as fatique sets in you will become weaker and when your on a bike you can really push yourself with out the fear of falling or dropping weights on yourself.