Tabata method tricep-pushup problem


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Jul 20, 2005
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I did the Tabata method with close-hand pushups, (the kind that works your tri's) and then for a week later I could not fully close or extend my arms. There is pain close to my elbows.
I could not throw punches very good either.

But I noticed after a few days rest that my muslces are very tight around the elbow and I seem to be punching harder than normally...

Is it possible for muscles to take over a week to fully heal or did I probably injure something while strenghting my arms. Any tips to help avoid this pain, or is it benificial pain ("NO PAIN NO GAIN" - Hulkster)
sounds like u worked them pretty good , i would look at what you are eating , rest etc ... if thats fine then it might just take a few more of those workouts until it starts to recover quicker .. assuming you are eating fine etc ..

or if you have not worked out for a while . i know if i do not workout for a few months , after the first workout i do , it will pretty much take a week to recover .. and might be like that the next workout too.
it's not uncommon for people using new protocols or new to training to take a week to fully recover. In fact, It took me almost a week to recover from my last bout of tabata front squats.