Swimming and Boxing


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Jan 3, 2004
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I spoke recently with polish former boxing champion from the 50's (It was a good polish boxing days... heh..). He told me, that in his days, boxers were not allowed to lift weights and to swim. I wonder what is wrong in swimming if you do boxing...? Can anyone elaborate?
I think back in the old days anything besides boxing and running was thought of as being bad for you. A lot of boxing people still think that lifting weights is really bad for a boxer.
I agree.. I read lots about lifting weight in martial arts. But I never heard anytyhing about swimming...
I just hear that it's good for you because it is less shock on your joints. I tried lap swimming and i think its great for conditioning. I have a shoulder that i hurt during boxing, and it helped it out a bit too. For me, running is easier but last time i ran my shins and knees hurt but it might just be improper form. It also works out that same muscles that boxing does, so it can't be that bad for you.
swimming is good for your stamina
your lungs get stronger etc.....
That makes no sense. I find swimming is good for my lungs aswell...except when I breath teh water.hehe
Apollo made Rocky swim laps in Rocky III didn't he?
Swimming works most of the muscles in the body, especially when you alternate strokes ( butterfly, freestyle, back and breast stroke). If you can lap swim and stick to a program you can also lose a lot of weight if you need to drop pounds.
They thought a lot of dumb shit in the 50's. It isn't good to swim if your going to spar that day since your arms will be tired, maybe. Best low impact/high result conditioning and gets the lungs strong if you push it.
Anything that improves your cardio is good for you, especially if impact injuries are a concern.

For example, I weigh about 245 right now. I'm built for about 200. Running is PAINFUL to my knees and ankles at this point, so I'm jumping in my pool every other day to put in work. I'm running too, but the amount of running I can do is mitigated by the pain and the injury potential, so swimming takes up where running stops.

Work is work. If it improves your cardio, burns calories, and strips fat off of you, it's worth doing.