Swim trunks in the style of...


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Jan 8, 2006
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Mauricio Rua when he fought Arona? I go to sporting good stores and they have no selection. I'm a fast swimmer so I need something that does'nt constrict and is affordable. Any suggestions?
i'm not sure what shorts you are looking for but if www.swimshop.co.uk has a US sister site, you are in luck my friend

Well, this is what I had in mind:


I wish there were some swim shorts with the logos on them. Do you think I could use boxer briefs as swim shorts? Is there any problem with the chlorine eating away at the fabric?
boxers instead of shorts = no way.

you're looking at a pair of fight shorts, that's what's pictured...
I know what you mean. Back when Fedor was repping those adrenaline shorts (mark coleman wore them a few times too) i wanted a pair for swim club lol.

As for wearing boxers.. they will be terrible as performance shorts, but if you want them for drag training they will be fine, just make sure the waist band is tight enough, you don't want them to come down when you dive in.

The chlorine shouldn't eat them so long as you wash them out after use.