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Supplements before a fight?

Michael Fortin

Amateur Fighter
May 7, 2007
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Hey guys, I have my MMA debut coming up on April 19th. I'd like some advice on maybe taking some No-Xplode or Nano Vapor about 30 minutes before the fight. In the past, I have taken it before training sessions and pick-up basketball games, and I could really tell a difference in my endurance. It does make me a little jittery though. I didn't know if the jitters mixed with the nerves would be too much to overcome. Any advice would be appreciated.
The supps I used for my MMA debut:
20 grams Creatine (10 day before, 10 day of)
15 grams Beta Alanine (5 day before, 10 day of)
160 mg caffeine anhydrous 1 hour before fight
2 scoops Accelerade (drive the creatine/ beta alanine

The idea was to superdose on the creatine to force bloating, or cameling up, of water. I get very, very bouncy and waste energy with too much caffeine, so I decided on a much lower dose than something like NO-Xplode would pack.
The best advice I can give you, though, is to sit the fuck down and relax. Most of the guys at my fight were pacing back and forth, nervous as hell, wasting energy and dumping adrenaline.
Also, bring an entire day's worth of food with you. I was the only guy to eat 7 meals that day.
Wasn't there some news recently about NO XPLODE having some pharm grade blood thinning agent manufactured in to the product?

I'm not a big supplement expert, so research it. But seems like mixing blood thinning agents with getting punched in the face (and possibly cut) wouldn't be a good idea.