Suggest to me a good and affordable tatame for home use


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Jun 7, 2003
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I would love to have a place to roll with friends, trained and untrained alike, so i could get back into my grappling mindset from when i used to train and keep my skill level, ive been looking around and have seen lots of different styles and sizes of mats and ive come to several conclusions. Firstly, good wrestling mats are expesinve and most cheaper ones are too small except for a couple specifically made for jiu jitsu and such which are a bit bigger while not being too expensive. So im wondering if anyone has any expericne with this and just reccomend me a good one, hopefuly one tha isnt too expensive but really trhow all your ideas out, ill look at them all.
Try to find a school that is renovating and buy old ones from them. I managed to get some for $8 a pop from my instructor when he replaced the old ones, which were not in bad shape.

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