strikeforce final show just fluff matches


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Aug 28, 2011
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Main show fights are established fighters fighting people who dont have a chance. I know they want to keep jacare, mousasi and Cormier records good so they could build them up in the ufc but these fights are garbage. Josh Barnett is a douche.
the fights are a little bit too predictable
It's been pretty entertaining, but in no way are most of these fights drawn up to be competitive.
I quit watching Cormier midway thru rnd1. After watching dion stand there hands down. I quit. It's not even a win. Pointless fight with an inferior opponent
Gotta make those future UFC stars look good, man.

EDIT: Scratch that....
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I was just sayying this it looks like they threw raw steaks to the lions, I wanted to see competitive fights not fighters taking on training dummies but this main event is coming together very well
Yeah Nate is going to eat Tarec alive... oh wait.
ZUFFA is trying to protect their investments ... Smart
Never liked strikeforce. The only good thing about it was its once great heavyweight division. Once they all left, strikeforce had nothing.
nate didnt cut it in the ufc. what champion doesn't check 50 leg kicks in a row c'mon