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Stretching your shoulders


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Oct 16, 2005
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I did not know where to write this thread, so I'm going on to do it here.

I'm having problems after practically every training were we grapple hard, or if I slam someone. Especially suplex' where I twist my upper torso a lot.
The problem is, I get this pain after practices, in the upper right back area, where the shoulder bone (Forgot what it is called on english) moves. It feels like it's under the bone.

So I really want to ask you guys, will doing stretching exercises help, or will I have to go to a doctor, because it's really something that prevents me from training slams/suplex'.

Hope you guys will come with some decent answers, that would help me a lot, Cheers.
I'd advise a few things.

1. Do "dislocates" before and after every workout, these are holding a broomstick, strap, band whatever at arms length in front of you, then rotating your shoulders until it is behind you. Take a wider grip at first and make it narrower as you become more flexible in this way. Great stretch for the whole shoulder girdle and pecs too.
2. Start doing "kelso rows/shrugs". These are done by keeping your arms straight and simply squeezing your shoulder blades/middle traps together, holding for a secodn, then realeasing the contraction. Do them 2X a week, 4X8-12 reps
3. Start doing training for your rear delts and rotator cuffs

Here are two rotator movements I advise (they are can be done with DB's instead of a cable attachement like in the pics):
Thanks man, I really hope it's going to help me. Many thanks :)
Usually the kind of pain you describe is caused my muscle imbalances with the scapular retraction and external rotation muscles of the shoulder girdle.
CarnalSalvation said:
Usually the kind of pain you describe is caused my muscle imbalances with the scapular retraction and external rotation muscles of the shoulder girdle.
This is exactly what causes it. I experience these pains often. I normally try to work through them as stretching very rarely relieves the pain. And I know it can be painful. Try pulling your head forward to stretch it out. Sometimes that provides a stretch in the area that causes the pain providing temporary relief. Hope this helps.
I had similar pain, before I began working kelso rows, rotators and rear delts.

For some reason deadlifting adn rowing alone don't really do a ton to strengthen them, it takes fairly specific training IMO.

Note to everyone out there who is NOT aware of shoulder health, BE aware, shoulder injuries can put your lifting in the can. It's called "pre-hab". Rather than having to rehab, just make sure it doesn't happen.

Ya gotta have some kind of specific scapular retraction (although all pulls do it, I feel that the "hold" or "squeeze" in the contracted position is important here as the problem is that the shoulders aren't being held back usually). and external rotator training in your routine.

Dislocates are easy, and can be done anywhere, so I see no reaon not to do those.
I've just started doing dislocates as I've realised my shoulder flexibility isn't as good as I thought it was