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Strength Training Help Please

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by mmacombine, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. mmacombine White Belt

    Jul 25, 2010
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    Hey guys,

    anyone have any good strength training videos? I just picked up some sweet videos for Jiu Jitsu training with over 200 videos. I am looking fro something like this any suggestions would be wicked thanks.
  2. flak Guest

    Thanks for the spam. Here's an hilarious blog post/sword review from the site you linked to --

    Undead Scimitar Sword With Additional Stand Review

    When I first saw the Undead Scimitar Sword with additional stand, I imagined a tale from the Sinbad saga. It looks like it means business and has a back story to boot. Possibly a sword that is the sole weapon in existence that can vanquish members of the underworld that just won’t stay dead! Undead Kobolds and zombies beware!

    This sword has an overall length of 31″. The blade is constructed of 440 stainless steel at 23″ in length. Since the blade is of stainless steel, it won’t rust but it can also be used against unruly elves as well. Elves can’t stand any type of steel, so every blow is fatal, you know.

    The 6″ long handle is tightly wrapped in suede for a non-slip grip so in the heat of battle, it won’t leave your hand. In addition, the guard is fashioned in the shape of a skull so every forward thrust is sure to arrive with your maximum power. At the end of he handle is a dragon nail that acts as a pommel. In close combat, that pommel can be used to slash the enemy’s face, eyes or throat. The choice is yours!

    Not only is the blade of the Undead Scimitar Sword made of stainless steel, but it is fashioned in the fantasy oriental scimitar shape. This is reminiscent of the Ninja; history’s most prolific death dealer.

    This fantastic sword comes with a display stand that would make Emperor Tung proud. Formed from the finest wood and lacquered in a black finish, this attention grabbing sword will be the center of any weaponry room. The accent of the stand with the sword is extraordinary and the duo commands any room that dares to hold them both.

    For the fantasy sword fanatic, an Undead Scimitar Sword would round out the collection, but with the stand included, it’s an even greater addition. The eclectic design was overseen by fantasy masters and was made for fantasy collectors.

    The construction is sturdy and the attention to detail is outstanding. From the Scimitar shaped blade to the skull designed guard and dragon nail pommel, the quality is amazing, to say the least.

    Did I mention the weight of this beast? Well what good is a sword review if we don’t talk about the weight of the weapon?

    Remember that the entire weapon is 31″ long. The weight of the whole thing ion your hand – 1.9 pounds! That’s less than 1 ounce per inch and it’s perfectly balanced as well. At that light weight, you could plunder and pillage for hours and never break a sweat. Think of all the undead things you cold dispatch back to Hell!

    Add this piece to your collection today and you can make your own history. Your friends will talk about the Undead Scimitar Sword with additional stand long after they have left your house. The guys will be in awe of you and the women will wonder why you want that thing around cuz it looks evil.

    Keep ‘em talking, friends. This is a must have for fantasy sword collections everywhere.
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