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Apr 10, 2008
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I lift full body three times a week (monday, wednesday, friday) and was wondering if the people in this part of the forum suggest me doing conditioning workouts 3 times a week on the offdays. I was wondering if high intensity conditioning on the off days would slow my strength progress. I figure I would ask here as since my core lifts are a bit weak I feel it is more important to get a strength base than get well conditioned yet. I do not, on the other hand want to get out of the shape I'm in right now. In terms of workouts I was thinking of doing...I was thinking HIIT sprints or something from or from the conditioning part of the forum.
Increase both strength and explosive power, as well as anaerobic endurance as well as lose a few lbs of unneeded fat. I realize diet will be a huge component in body composition but was wondering what to do for the other parts and if intensive conditioning would get in the way of strength gains.
Yes. Rosstraining and conditioning forum stuff would be perfect on your off days from lifting.

Just be sure to keep the intensity up, but the time limited and it shouldn't affect your strength gains.

Mind you, you won't get 100% of the possible gains by splitting your focus, but really the tradeoff is pretty minimal if your diet is in check. Plus I think it's just generally a healthier way of going about it.
Yes, you should do conditioing on your off days.

Yes; HIIT, tabata, burpees etc are a great idea, you can even do some lsd running if you feel like it once in a while.

No, you won't make the same rate of strength gains if you split your focus, but you can improve, strength and endurance at the same time if you train hard.

What you do when you're not at the gym has a lot to do with if you can recover enough to train hard six days a week. Eat right, sleep well (I fucking love ZMA btw), and don't drink like a fish (sorry bacon).
i'd do 2 heavy days a week lifting , 2 days intense but short conditioning/cardio and 1 light recovery day of ur choice

-so i'd go with something like 2 day routine from FAQ
-1 day tabata type cardio...or sprints...short and sweet...HIIT with different similar vairables works also
-1 day anaerobic conditioning...burpees, hindu squats, mountain climbers, jump squats, ...etc...circuits, EDT protocols, etc...
- 1 day recovery..light couple mile jog...stretching...whatever u want...
Jin that's crazy masochistic's like up there with ab wheel roll out burpees