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Strength and Endurance



Hey guys, I'm still around.

Now that I'm out of Basic training and AIT, I have control of my workouts again. I'm trying to go back to my old westside routine ( 2 push days and 1 pull days each week, with a speed day and max day for each). I also have to keep doing lots of pushups, situps and work 2 to 4 days of running in each week.

It has been looking like this:
Sun: Bench
Mon: Sprints
Tue: Squat
Wen: Run
Thur: Off
Fri: Deads
Sat: Run
Week 2:
Sun: Max Bench
Mon: Speed squat
Tue: Run
Wed: Speed Bench
Thur: Max dead
Fri: Run

Any ideas how I can improve this?