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    I don't know what brought this deluge of threads on, but it's become clear to me over the years that forums are not acceptable references for informing one's self on steroids.

    This is the most useful free resource online I have found for cycling:

    The authors have a formal basis for their education but also (many of them) work practically with steroid-users. William Llewelyn, author of "Anabolics 2005" (a book he revises and republishes every year to maintain relevance), is an author, and his book is for sale there. I own it, and it is incredibly useful (although it is definitely not the end-all be-all for steroid theory; it's more oriented towards practicality).

    If you took his recommended cycles to any bodybuilding forum, they would say, "Not enough."

    They're wrong.

    *Edit* I didn't like my tone, so I deleted some sneers, and I also needed to change the subject title (I didn't realize one with just "Steroids" existed...I didn't do a search).

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