Stephan Kesting's grappling drills


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Nov 4, 2004
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what do you guys think of it? many of the 83 drills are that worthwhile?....thanks alot guys
As everything Stephan Kesting produces it kicks ass! All of it is worthwile.

It is a DVD that comes with a one page, double sided reference card of all the drills and some suggested workouts. More information can be found here:

Obviously I'm not an unbiased evaluator of my own product, but if anyone has any questions about this DVD they can post them here and I will do my best to answer them

Stephan Kesting
Great training tool if you ask me, really help with my countering of the scraf hold
There are no takedown drills other than basic penetration stepping. I wanted to focus primarily on the grappling and groundfighting drills, rather than do a little bit of standing and a little bit of ground. Also takedown drills have already been well covered in the Judo and Wrestling world.

Stephan Kesting
I just went to the website and viewed the clip. I like it! Seems really good especially for white belts that want to get a good foundation.

I will keep this DVD in mind.

Thank you.

Are these solo excersizes or stuff you need a partner for?
There are both solo and partner drills on the DVD. Probably about 60% require a partner, but there is some material that you can work on when you don't have access to a willing body.

Stephan Kesting