Step Ups

Henry Swanson

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May 19, 2003
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I'm laying off the burpees for a little while cuz I hurt my left shoulder doing them the other day. I was looking for a quick indoor cardio workout and decided to do some step ups using the mantel in my living room. It's only about one foot high but I got a decent workout with it going as hard as I can for 3 minutes, resting for 1 minute and then repeating 3 more times. To increase the intensity I might increase the time of the intervals, decrease rest periods or increase the number of intervals.

I'm even considering getting one of those femmy step aerobic things so that I can increase the height of the step itself.

Any of you guys done these before? Like them?
i used to hate using the stairmaster because i had to do them for 10 minutes as a warm up where it increased in speed and reset 3 times and it was really hard.. but now my legs are big and strong so i will reccomend those