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starting to low on deadloft


Jun 9, 2007
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Is it possible to start to low on the deadlift? i don't have a video yet as i don't have access to a camera. But every time i watch a deadlift video i think to myself i start lower than that.
anyone see any issues with starting to low?
Yes. Its hard to keep form on the pull if your hips are too far down/under the bar. I have seen many people increase their pull instantly by pulling with their ass a bit higher.
Great link.

I have the same technical problem with low hips and the explanation given help a lot. I was keeping my shoulders too far back which was pushing my hips down, I gotta get my scapula over the bar.
Yeah i noticed the same when i watched the deadlifting videos.

Last week i failed to get 5x5 at 110kg, so i spent the week watching deadlifting videos and working on my form. Made sure my ass was higher up when i started and blew through my 5x5 at 110kg with no problem. Tried 120kg at the end but my grip sucks so i could only manage 2.

So get your ass higher, also my lowerback didnt hurt at all after which is good.