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Discussion in 'Standup Technique' started by C.B_Top_Team, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. hello, i am 19 have a little tae kwon do and kickboxking experience , i have a heavy bag, taget mitts, speed bag everything man i have my own mini gym ahaha, I was wondering if neone could give me a little routine to work on, neone around where i live is into mma or nething like that. so if you could just a small routine. Like speed bag for 10 mins .. uhh heavy bag combos 10mins ..u know. thks alot.
  2. sry bout the wonderful typing*
  3. stav Black Belt

    Oct 31, 2005
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    Until u go to a gym/dojo etc witha good trainer just work on your basics.

    Do 30 second and 1 minuete rounds on the heavy bag 3 x boxing 3 x feet 3 x kick boxing.

    Work on your jabs and your straight rights ( or left if your in south paw). Work on your front kicks and round houses both low and high...if your lacking flexability takeit easy on high kicks dont force them.
    Go for combos like jab jab High or low raound house. Front kick lunge punch. Low punches like body rip with the left and high straight or hook from the right.

    Low kick jab straight or jab hook.

    Keep the combos simple to start with and pay attention to technique. Keep your gaurd up and elbow locked in towards your body. When u throw one punc with one hand make sure te other is covering. As u get tired it gets harder but as u get fitter it will become easier.
  4. Marvin Covar Amateur Fighter

    Mar 4, 2005
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    manila, philippines
    Starting out? Okay...

    10 minutes jog
    5 minutes jump rope
    5 minutes shadowbox
    king kabuki's heavy bag routine (it's stickied in this forum)
    2 sets 20 push-ups
    2 sets 20 sit-ups

    you can increase or decrease this if you want. this is just a guide.
  5. farmboy Banned Banned

    Aug 31, 2005
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    Get some dvds that can show you techniques for use on your bags. Visual is better than just reading about it. Also, check out the stickies. I think King Kabuki has soem great stuff in there.

    Check this out as well as the other stuff in the stickies. Lots of already given good advice.
  6. Im already in reeally good shape, honestly.. i weight lift and jog , i do jump rope ..hockey .. lots ahaha thats not the part, ive downloaded the Vitor Belfort dvd and its awesome it helped me alot ..i have all the basics done . seriously.. i meant for u guys to give me a routine with all of the gear .. more so the actual things you do with them, how long would you work at the speed bag? .. do you use the speed bag before the heavy bag ../. u know .. that kinda stuff..
    I know i could go to a search function with this .. but then there would be no point of me being a member of sherdog and asking questions. thx
  7. Eduardo R. Amateur Fighter

    Feb 23, 2004
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    This sounds pretty good for a beginner, you might also want to check out some instructional tapes. I've heard the Bas Rutten dvds are pretty good.
  8. Ohh yea i did download that also .. the Bas Rutten workout or whatever ...thats preety good too ..
    but i have had tkd experience and also kickboxing .. wrestling .. ok .
    ill leave the rest to you guys . thx again
  9. Im just not a boxing trainer .. is what im getting at i guess ...

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