starting BJJ with no cardio

If they see you as a waste of mat space, they are fuckers and you should pick an other gym....
everybody has problems and normal ppl will accept that, as long as you dont bitch about it.
Just jump right in. Pretty much everyone gasses when they first start b/c they haven't learned how to move efficiently.
Even if you are in good cardio shape, you will still gas after only a few minutes of grappling. It's a different type of cardio than running or anything else. Everybody has to build up their BJJ stamina over time. There is no way you'll be able to roll for 15min straight right away. Don't put off starting for that.

Just do your best & take a rest if you really need it. The guys will respect you for that. The school will start you off slow & you won't be expected to be able to do everything your first couple classes.
don't worry so damn much its not a competition
I smoked for a good few years before quitting and joining Judo.

My cardio is getting better, but It's still a struggle.

You'll improve eventually.
thanks for all the responses guys, im more optimistic after reading them

i just ate a huge meal and the class starts in an hour so hopefully i havent dug myself a deeper grave...

ill post again when i get back, maybe ill keep the puking to a minimum
I never eat later than 2 hours before class starts... you gonna put urself in some serious discomfort with that...
just go train whatever cardio you can build up in a month won't really translate to the cardio u need only doing grappling will ... in other words you will struggle with cardio for the first month or two no matter what you do just stick with it and you'll see improvement pretty soon
I kept waiting to read the part where you are 45 years old and out of shape. Any 18 year old ex athlete is definitely in condition to start BJJ. I'm fat, just turned 35 and out of shape and I'm trying like hell to find a place to start back up. Find a good group and just go roll.
Most people started with horrible cardio, but worked their way up. I still think my cardio is shit, so i'm working my way up.
alex wilkie's in bridgewater...somerset county
Make sure you work on cardio AND grapple. On the days you don't grapple, run. On the days you don't run or grapple, drill. I ran 2-3 miles on the elliptical for a month twice a week before starting BJJ, and although that prep was a coincidence (I didn't know I was going to start grappling when I did), it wasn't enough. It will take a few months to get up to speed if you are out of shape; however, nobody will think worse of you for it. Well.... only the jerks (but there aren't that many IME).
Get c ardio from training.
I'm sick of my mates telling me they'll come check it out when they get in shape. I tell them to come to class and they'll get in shape.
yeah. putting off training, is just an excuse not to train. Take it from someone who used it as a crutch for a long time. This time, I just got off my fat ass and went. I still get super gassed. It sucks and it's a little embarrasing, but I'm there.
I have the shittiest cardio at my gym. However, that was overcome with one simple exercise. That is to stay calm when you roll. I got into Gracie JJ in the last year. I am going on 6-months of grappling. At first I was so winded that I wanted to go throw up during class. Then when I learned how to stay calm and not waste energy things started to change.

Remember these things while rolling.

1) Don't tense up your body when not necessary
2) Learn how to relax and make your opponent use up his energy
3) No matter how bad the situation is, stay calm
4) Don't be ashamed of sitting out for a few minutes. You will eventually become acustomed to rolling.
Cardio will come eventually, but you should still try to run atleast 3 days a week.
One key thing to grippling is technique will kill strength any time of the week. You can only relay on strength for so long then eventually you will get tired while your oppenont is fresh and conversing his/her energy.

1) Grab something light to eat about an hour before class
2) learn the technique during class and try to use them during mat time
3) It would be a good idea to write the steps down so you can read them over later on.